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Brettstapel - massive, solid wood construction panels

Brettstapel construction is very popular in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Brettstapel means construction panels that are made from massive, solid wood without any glue. For its production we use modern German SMM - Sondermaschinenbau equipment that are fully automated and very accurate. Brettstapel panels are special technology panels that consist of stacked boards of the same dimensions that are connected using nails at a special sequence. This connection type among solid wood construction is considered as ecological because no glue or any adhesive is used. Brettstapel are especially good sound-proofing panels that have very good acoustic qualities and are as strong as concrete constructions. They are used in construction for bridges and other complicated structures. Brettstapel construction is very valued because of its healthy characteristics, solid wood adjusts the microclimate of the building because in summer it gathers the moisture and in the winter it releases it. The panels are universal and can be used in walls but mainly are used for ceiling and floor constructions. Brettstapel is popular both in individual houses and multi-story wooden and concrete buildings.

Brettstapel technology panels Brettstapel technology panels, assembling

Main advantages of the brettstapel construction:

  • Nice and elegant look of ceilings and walls, 
  • 100% wood - with no glue,
  • Adjusts the microclimate of the buildings,
  • Have a lot of thermal mass and provides good sound-proofing chracteristics,
  • Can be used up to 8 story building,
  • Can be combined with steel or concrete constructions.


Brettstapel technology Brettstapel construction

Brettstapel massive wood construction panels are connected using special nails according to certain sequence what guarantees the strength and good acoustic characteristics. Panels are produced up to different lengths and widths as according to the static calculations and client's specification. They are prefabricated very precisely and in the building site are installed very fastly and easily.  

Brettstapel technology panels

Brettstapel panels are classified into three different categories: industrial, standard and visible that can be used without any decoration because it is produced from 100% natural selected solid wood. It is possible to use different profiled wood to achieve different looks.  These panels can be exclusive and non-standard modern interior detail. If there is a need, brettstapel panels can also be covered with standard gypsum or other panels.

Ekobustas is producing custom brettstapel construction panels in Lithuania. Please contact us for more details.

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