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Hipped roof, roofing layer angles and roof vapor isolation

Hipped roof is a hybrid of four sloping roof, when two surfaces have trapeze forms and other two – triangle forms. In the connection of trapeze surfaces the ridge is horizontal while in triangle surfaces connection sloping ridge. This is one of the most complicated but also one of the strongest roof types, because of loads distribution across different type rafters.

It is important to choose correct roof angle for your desired roofing as not all roofing types have the same minimal roof slope requirement. For asphalt shingles, recommended minimum angle is 12 degrees. For aluminium tiles (trapeze profile) – at least 7 degrees is required. When you are using concrete tiles – 14 degrees and for ceramic tiles – 16-18 degrees.

The company who will be designing your house should always take into account such roof and roof covering layer characteristics in order to avoid such problems as accumulation of water or snow, moss.

It is important to mention that the vapor control isolation layer in the roof must be made air tight, because the hot air (steam) has the tendency to rise upwards together with the moisture and therefore if it is not stopped by the vapor isolation - it will leave moisture in the insulation and it will get wet in the long-term. In the end it will simply mean the loss of insulation characteristics and cold air getting into your house.