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Passive houses




The ecology and economy is in your hands. You are welcome to experience the most advanced technological solutions in wooden houses to preserve the world surrounding you._ The answer is simple. Passive house requires only the bigger initial investment, but as the energy prices are increasing the savings increase also. The true passive house does not require any special heating systems and relies on traditional sources, such as sun, people, air flows. The tightness of construction does not allow any energy loss and special windows are created to minimize the energy loss through them. The traditional German house requirements for passive houses require the external elements of the house to have U value not higher than 0.1 W/K for 1 square meter. The testing is done using special instruments that allow to measure the U value of separate elements of the house. Only a fully tested house can be recognized as passive house. Our consultants’ knowledge allows us to build a fully certifiable passive house.All in all, the price of the passive house in the long run is lower than the traditional house due to the heating/cooling costs, therefore it is considered as a better property investment.



Passive houses – so called energy efficient houses are becoming more and more popular as the prices for heating and electricity are increasing. This technology houses offer the best energy efficiency qualities possible, they consume not more than 15 kWh/m2 per year. The energy loss is reduced to the minimum using the most modern solutions as the, for example, triple glazing energy-efficient windows with U value not bigger than 0.8 W/m2K. The passive houses are increasingly popular in Western Europe and soon are going to be a binding standard for new buildings. Passive houses need to be specifically designed to effectively use sun-light and to have large enough windows.



Passive houses

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