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Prefabricated house internal wall elements

Internal walls consist of 75, 95, 145, 195 mm construction wood frame and mineral wool sound isolation. The thickness of the walls mainly depends if the wall is bearing or partitioning, also, if there are going to be any installations inside the wall (e.g. toilet, ventilation channels etc.). Internal wall elements are already covered from one side with any of your chosen material like OSB board, gypsum board, wooden panels or other. We recommend our clients to use OSB and gypsum boards combination because of the increased strength, especially if there will be a need to hang something heavy on the walls in the future. Also, such combination increases sound isolation and makes internal walls virtually unbreakable, however, it is important to mention that extra boards increase the price of the house.

Resistance to fire and sound isolation

It is possible to use special fire-resistant gypsum boards and to increase their layers up to 3 from each side if there is a need for additional fire-resistance characteristics. For sound reduction it is possible to use mineral wool isolation or special sound isolation boards. If the internal walls are partinioning different apartments then special construction wall is used with double sound and fire isolation.

Wall thickness (mm) Insulation (mm) Fire-resistance (REI) Sound reduction, R'w [dB]
75 75 - 38
95 100 30 42
145 150 30 ≥ 42
195 200 30 ≥ 42

Standard internal wall construction

This is one of our standard constructions. Our company also produces different constructions that comply with other regional and country-specific local standards and your needs, contact us.

Prefabricated house internal wall constructionPrefabricated house internal wall construction

(according to SINTEF Byggforsk Trehus)

  • Inside decoration (gypsum board and OSB, double gypsum board, wooden panels, Fermacell and other) preinstalled in the factory
  • Wood frame C16/C24 45x75,95,145 mm 
  • Mineral wool (sound isolation) 75, 100, 150mm
  • Inside decoration (gypsum board and OSB, double gypsum board, wooden panels, Fermacell and other) installed in the building site
  • If there is provided information about electricity plan - installed tubes for electricity cables

Our finished projects