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Prefabricated wooden houses technology

Prefabricated house elements: air-tightness and energy-efficiency

The main elements of the house are built from structural wood that conforms with C16-40 strength classes. Energy efficiency is subject to chosen construction and architectural solutions.

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Other house details and constructions characteristics

Different - ecological houses
Windows and doors
Custom houses and finishing solutions
TEK17 and other building standards, A class house


Prefabricated wooden house

Massive wood panels, brettstapel


Brettstapel - massive, solid wood construction panels

Brettstapel are solid wood constructional panels that are produced according to special technology. They are very strong and have very good acoustic characteristics as well as adjust microclimate in the buildings.

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External walls construction

External house walls are one of the main elements of the house because they remain in contact with colder or hotter outside air and have to be properly insulated and isolated. There are a lot of decorations available: from wooden panels to plaster, tiles and other.

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External wall of prefabricated house

Internal walls construction

It is very important to understand what size internal walls are designed to be able later on to install various equipment inside the walls and to hang something on them. Also, this influences the sound isolation between the rooms.

Internal walls of the house characteristics >


Floor and ceiling constructions

Floor is produced from various dimensions of construction wood according to static and local building code requirements. On the inside side OSB board is used for increased stifness. Apartments dividing floors are specially designed with higher sound isolation and fire resistance.

Floor and ceiling standard constructions >

Roof construction

Roof construction is very important because it has to bear highest loads and has to be perfectly insulated and isolated because the hot air always goes up.

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Roof construction of prefabricated houses