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Custom houses and individual design finishing solutions

Ekobustas follows the principle that everyone has to fulfill their dreams while building their home. Everyone has to have a chance to live in a house that you truly want. Therefore, we especially pay attention to every individual need of the client and provide different, non-standard solutions for different house details. We understand that it is much harder to work this way and there is more responsibility involved but we believe that our clients need more than standardized catalogue architectural solutions.

Internet is full of various projects and that is why we suggest our clients to choose the one they like and to modify it according to their needs. Later on, we will adapt your preliminary drawings and will make professional architectural project.

Individual houses design

Finishing details

  • It is possible to decorate the house with various materials from outside: special "log-like" house decoration, various profiles of vertical and horizontal wooden decoration panels (pine, fir, larch, thermo wood, cedar etc.), decorative bricks and tiles, also - to combine different decorations.
  • In inside it is possible to use gypsum boards, natural fiber gypsum boards Fermacell, wooden boards and other.
  • There are a lot of different finishings available for windowsills, windows, doors, roof-endings, house corners.
  • It is possible to design a prefabricated house in a way that only you will know that is made from structural wood elements.

Siberian larch boards


Siberian larch is a special wood because of its density it is considered on of the most strongest from confierous woods. Larch density is approximately 800 kg/m3 and it has a lot of natural resins so these boards can be used without any impregnation. Only after some time the boards will get greyish colour, what is nice for some people. It is important to oil the larch boards every 3 or 5 years (depending on the sun activity in your area) if you want to preserve the original yellowish, redish colour.
Other not traditional type to treat larch is to paint them using ferrous oxide or ferrous sulphate (FeSO4), this way the boards will get dark, black colour. This is very popular in Scandinavia.

Our company offers to choose larch decoration boards from 26 different profiles and sizes. Larch is state-of-the-art, modern architectural detail that does not require a lot of maintenance.

Larch boards Larch texture


Pine/fir exterior cladding boards


You can choose from planed or rough surface pine or fir external cladding boards. Wooden cladding from pine or fir is cost-effective solution for fast decoration of your new house or renovation of an old one. Fir panels have slightly less humidity, therefore tend to deform less than pine.

Wooden panels are painted already two times in our factory according to your chosen colour from RAL colour chart. 

We offer you to choose fir or pine external cladding boards from 22 different profiles.

Pine or fir panels Pine or fir texture


Decorative plaster, "Klinker" bricks and other types of decoration, rendered facades


Our houses can be plastered using various types of plasters. We fully prepare the house for application of such decoration. This type of decoration is popular in sunny regions simply because it requires the least amount of maintenance.

Specially chosen and adapted external walls construction for plastering reduces the probability for cracks in decoration after some time. At the same time, our houses can be decorated using "Klinker" bricks, other types of tiles and other similar type of decoration according to your needs.

Plastered walls