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Leonardo Da Vinci is considered as an inventor of prefabricated housing as he was the first person to produce and assemble prefabricated structure. However, long time has passed and the technology has much moved forward with the development of new materials, technologies and standards.

Our company constantly has inquiries about asking for a catalog of the possible standard projects. However, we simply do not have any. Why? The answer is simple: the internet is full of many, many projects and we believe that our clients have to have exactly the house they want - that is why we focus on custom houses that reflect you and your way of life. We believe that a custom prefabricated house is a better solution, however it requires more responsibility from the producer.

Hipped roof is a hybrid of four sloping roof, when two surfaces have trapeze forms and other two – triangle forms. In the connection of trapeze surfaces the ridge is horizontal while in triangle surfaces connection sloping ridge. This is one of the most complicated but also one of the strongest roof types, because of loads distribution across different type rafters. We also describe the importance of correct roofing layer angles and roof vapor control isolation.

In this article we continue our discussion of various roof types and their possible usages. We will describe mansard, pyramid and connecting roof types.

Roof is architectural part of the house that always acts as hydro isolation and quite often as thermo isolation function. Roof consists of wooden rafters construction, hydro, thermo isolation, ventilation system, rain water drainage system, sealing elements and, of course, the roof covering itself. Rafters constructions create sloping surfaces that are called roof slopes – that is how the „sloping roof“ got its name.