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Roof types: single pitched and double pitched

Roof is architectural part of the house that always acts as hydro isolation and quite often as thermo isolation function. Roof consists of wooden rafters construction, hydro, thermo isolation, ventilation system, rain water drainage system, sealing elements and, of course, the roof covering itself. Rafters constructions create sloping surfaces that are called roof slopes – that is how the „sloping roof“ got its name.

There are several roof types – we will describe the most popular and standard ones:

1. Single pitched roof – this roof consists of one surface, it is mainly used to cover terraces, but currently widely used in modern architecture over the houses. This is also the most economical roof type - it has the simpliest construction. Also, the roof surface is smaller and insulating the roof is cheaper compared to double-pitched roof because of bigger surface.

It is worth to think about the single pitched roof especially for those people who live in windy areas or just want to have economical solution. If it is a completely new project – first of all analyze to which side the roof should be pitched. For this you need to know which wind direction is dominant and, consequently, the pitch should be designed on the downwind side. In this case, the roof will be secured the most from the meteorological conditions. Finally, it is worth to mention that the bigger the roof pitch (angle) is – the lower wind, snow and rain load is.


2. Double-pitched roof is a traditional, most often used roof. It is the most popular roof type. Generally, we can describe the double pitched roof as a triangle that consists of two surfaces which are connected with ridge on the top. Two surfaces of the roof are supported by load-bearing walls and in the end the triangles are formed which are named as gables. Gables often have windows installed for the natural light to come inside. The main advantage of this roof is that you can install various types of roof covering with the lowest outcrop.

Double-pitched roof can be classified as symmetrical and asymmetrical. The first option is the most popular. It has equal surfaces and can be considered as a perfect triangle. Asymmetrical roof has the roof ridge placed not in the center and the roof surfaces are different by length and area. From the aesthetic point of view – it is very interesting design but it negatively affects the usage of building area below the roof.