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Prefabricated wooden house roof elements

Roof is produced out of joists and rafters, cross-sectional dimensions of which are usually 45, 60, 80 x 195, 220, 245 mm according to the specification. Roof beams – joists are made from glued laminated/glulam wooden beams based on static calculations. The exact location, altitude of the house and weather statistics databases are used for the static calculations in order to measure the maximum possible load for the roof from snow. Our company aims to prefabricate roof elements as much as possible in the factory, it means that roof elements are produced in the factory and later on what is left for the client is only to install the roof covering. Our principle of work is to prefabricate house as much as possible in the factory where the working conditions are completely controlled and later on only to assemble everything in the building site as fast as possible.

Roof can be covered with various materials, such as ceramic, concrete tiles, bitumen layer, even green (grass) roofs are possible (they are very popular in Scandinavia).

Roof also can be designed very differently, starting from single-pitched, double-pitched, mansard, pyramid form and other. More information about roof types you can find hereThere is also a possibly to choose visible or hidden roof rafters in inside of the house and/or at the roof endings outside. In the Western Europe it is more popular to have visible rafters roof while Scandinavia prefers hidden construction.

Rafters size, mm Insulation, mm U-value, W/m2k Fire-resistance, REI
45x195(+50) 250 0,180 30
45x245(+100) 350 0,130 30

Standard roof (closed) construction

This is one of our standard constructions mainly suitable for Northern Europe. Our company also produces different constructions that comply with other regional and country-specific local standards and your needs, contact us.

Prefabricated house roof construction TEK10


  • Roof covering (ceramic, concrete, steel tiles and other)
  • Air gap
  • Hidroisolation gap
  • Combined roof sheating and wind barrier
  • Rafters C24/GL24 45,60,80x145,195,245,295 mm
  • Mineral wool insulation 150, 200, 250, 300 mm
  • Vapour isolation 0,2mm
  • Wooden frame 45x50 mm
  • Mineral wool insulation 50 mm
  • Inside decoration (gypsum board, Fermacell, wooden panels and other)






(according to SINTEF Byggforsk Trehus)

Our finished projects