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Why to start partnership with us?

Ekobustas is a family business that was established in 1998 with a joint partnership with German company. Our main activities include engineering, production and assembling of prefabricated wooden houses. We can produce fully customized projects according to every client needs because we do not have any production lines that allow us to flexibly change our profile of work according to completely different projects. We provide project's price calculations in 3 working days. Also, we are able to produce example elements constructions and post them to your office and help out on first promotional steps.

We have gained a lot of international experience that allows us to give a valuable input both to customers and partners when deciding on technology-related issues. We are experienced with Scandinavian standards (TEK10, TEK17), German quality standards by RAL, Effizienzhaus standards, Swiss MINERGIE houses requirements, French BBC, Italian CasaClima requirements and other. Our company also calculates elements U-values, their fire-resistance and sound reduction characteristics, also house energy consumption level. We are experienced prefabricated houses producer.

Why are we looking for you?

We need people who can best understand their local market needs and requirements, thus we are looking for partners to create a long-term sustainable relationship that can benefit both sides. With our production capacity, network of suppliers and service providers we can provide good service and high quality. Ekobustas will be glad to deal with you individually about numerous partnership possibilities.

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Production capacity


Target markets

  • We can produce up to 30 houses per year.
  • We have 2500 m2 production area.
  • We have ability to produce massive wood panels ("Brettstapel").


  • We work in Germany, France, Spain, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands. We are always searching for new opportunities in new and known markets.
  • We have experience producing and transporting prefabricated elements with ship containers.

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