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Nearest airports and hotels

Come, meet us and see everything with your own eyes! We will be glad to show you our production, material examples, we will explain about the most suitable technology for your house as well as we will find a both ways fitting solution how to implement your project with no hassle.

Vilnius airport

Website: www.vilnius-airport.lt
Distance from the factory: 130 km
www.ryanair.com, www.airbaltic.com, www.wizzair.com, www.lufthansa.com 

Kaunas airport

Website: www.kaunas-airport.lt
Distance from the factory: 119 km
Airlines:  www.ryanair.comwww.airbaltic.com

Palanga airport

Website: www.palanga-airport.lt
Distance from the factory: 241 km
Airlines: www.norwegian.no,
www.airbaltic.com, www.flysas.com

Riga airport

Website: www.riga-airport.com
Distance from the factory: 168 km
Airlines:  www.airbaltic.com, www.lufthansa.com


Neringa hotel - Vilnius
Website: www.neringahotel.com

Conviva hotel - Panevėžys
Website: www.conviva.lt

We provide special prices for our guests, please contact us before coming.

Our company has 15 years of experience in building homes. We know how to use it in making your dream come true.
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