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Advantages of prefabricated houses

  • Our prefabricated houses are ecologic and warm - assembled fast (within couple weeks).
  • Elements (walls, floors and roof) of prefabricated houses are produced and preassembled from structural panels in our specialized factory. Controlled-climate environment allows us to achieve high quality of work. When the works are carried out inside our factory, the elements of the house are not affected by unfavourable weather conditions. In other words, it is easier to control working conditions and there are all possibilities to use special tools and equipment for high precision.
  • The price of project's implementation is always fixed.
  • Mounting and assembling can be done in any season: there are minimal so called wet production processes.
  • Fast mounting does not require temporary premises or big storage rooms on a site.
  • There is a possibility to disassemble prefabricated houses, which is important for temporary premises. 
  • The homes can be finished even by the homeowners themselves.



Different - ecologic houses, healthy houses 

Ekobustas has created special house construction that is ecological and friendly to the environment as well as you. Such houses are especially suitable for allergic, sensitive people or for those who want non-standard, non-traditional solutions. For this we use special materials and produce special unique constructions that adjusts the indoor climate and allows you to live comfortably. These are brettstapel massive wood ceilings and floors, natural wood fibre insulation, natural fibre gypsum boards and other.

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The price of prefabricated house depends upon area of external, internal walls, floor, construction of roof, balconies, thicknesses of elements and their finishing, number of elements, scope of a project. The price for a mirror or typical project is reduced. First, we estimate the price of basic structures of the house and at the moment varies from 600-700 EUR (depending on the house characteristics and design) per one square meter of living area.

In order to have the price for the complete house, you have to know what kind of:

  • required insulation thickness in the wall;
  • windows material, U-value, locks, colour, opening directions, etc.;
  • type of wood for the terrace, outdoor staircase
  • roofing cover and rain drainage system;
  • external and internal decoration / finishing materials such as plasterboards or wooden cladding, etc.
  • preliminary drawings and plans of your project.

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Home building made easy

We know that home building can be thought as a hard process. However, from the moment you consider building a new project, our company knows how to simplify all the process. You only need to know how you want everything to look like.

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International experience since 1998

Our prefabricated homes are already standing in Iceland, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway and Lithuania. We are happy that our houses have gained recognition abroad. Since the beginning, we have gathered a lot of experience that can be used building your home.

Thinking about a dream home? We will help you.
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Our company has 15 years of experience in building homes. We know how to use it in making your dream come true.
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