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Ecologic house - healthy house 



Ekobustas uses special materials and produces different house constructions that fully comply to main characteristics of ecological house. Such houses are built using environmental-friendly materials, designed with efficiency in mind and have balanced internal microclimate. 

Our gained experience, international competence and correctly chosen materials allow us to reach such characteristics and to build a perfect house. 



It is important to mention that such house has to be designed in order to allow optimal amount of sun light. From our side we will take care of perfect sound reduction qualities which will allow you to enjoy your rest. We believe that only such characteristics create conditions for quality and perfect living in your new home.

Ekobustas will build you a custom, individual, designed by you - ecological house.



Wood fibre insulation


Wood fibre insulation

Wood fibre insulation is very ecological insulation that has many anti-allergy features. It also does not have any chemical additives or glues. Wood fibre insulation is dense, therefore during the hot days of summer the heat will not pass through the house elements so easily. In winter time - it is the opposite, the internal warmth will hardly escape the building. Also, the wood fibre is resistant to water or vapour and after drying it regains the same characteristics as before. In other words, the wood fibre insulation is diffusion open when comparing to other insulations.

Wood fibre can also be considered as ecological from various sides. First of all, its production is very precisely controlled so that it is efficient and uses the least amount of energy possible. Secondly, thermal resistance values are very good, thus this insulation saves energy costs on your house heating and cooling. It is made from natural wood fibres and it is diffusion open and consequently it can absorb humidity and control internal microclimate.

If after long period the house is no longer used - wood fibre insulation can be easily processed to another widely used materials.

Brettstapel panels


Brettstapel massive wood ceilings and floors

We can create very strong, long-lasting house construction when using brettstapel massive wood ceilings and floors. Brettstapel floors and ceilings are produced by using many massive wood beams and consequently their strength is comparable to concrete constructions. This type of technology is very popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They also provide very good sound reduction qualities, therefore all sounds (walking etc.) from other floors are completely minimized. Brettstapel technology does not use any glues or other chemicals what is another advantage of the technology.

Brettstapel are especially valued for their microclimate adjusting capabilities. In summer they gather the excess moisture and in winter when the air is dry the moisture is released back to the building. Consequently, such capabilities create perfect indoor climate. Ceiling can be made using various profiles of beams and this gives elegant, pleasant and natural look to your house interior.

More information about brettstapel you can find here.

Wooden passive house THERMO windows


High energy efficiency THERMO windows

Times when we could feel heat or cold entering through the windows are over. Todays windows production technologies are very advanced and this allows us to use very high energy efficiency windows. We recommend for our clients to use special technology THERMO windows that have U- value lower than 0.8 W/m2K. This complies to passive house requirements for windows. We can use windows produced from various kinds of wood, such as larch, oak, meranti or eucalyptus.

Gypsum fiber plates


Natural gypsum fibre boards

Natural gypsum fibre boards have special capabilities to absorb and neutralize up to 99% of dangerous materials that are in air. In production of these boards keratin is used that is gathered from sheep wool. Keratin is the main component that gives these boards the abilities to neutralize the air pollutants. Also, these boards are stronger and more fire-resistant than standard gypsum boards.

Smart vapour control barrier


Smart and adaptive vapor barrier

Standard vapour barier, for example PE film, has stable, non-changing water vapour resistance and simply because of this the constructions drying process during the warm seasons is slower. Ecological house construction uses special air and vapor control layer that has adaptive steam resistance in accordance to conditions of environment. In the winter time, when the house is heated, air humidity inside is relatively low (lower than 50%) and this creates a feeling of dry air. In this period, the special vapour barrier stops water vapor penetration to insulated house constructions and does not allow to gather inside them. In summer time when the air humidity is bigger than 60%, vapor barrier resistance is lower and this allows to for the excess humidity to escape and for the constructions to dry properly.

Prefabricated houses ecological solution


Prefabricated houses technology

Prefabricated houses technology is fast and efficient way of to build a house. The house is fastly and very accurately produced in the factory what saves energy costs and allows for perfect working conditions. It means that there is external actions such as rain, wind, snow etc. Such building technology also allows to reduce the amount of building waste and to increase efficiency of processes. Accurate planning and designing of the house allows to assemble them very quickly and precisely. Prefabricated houses are very air-tight and this can be checkd and monitored using blower-door tests.

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