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Roof types: mansard, pyramid, connecting roofs

We continue our discussion of various roof types and their possible usages.

Double-pitched mansard roof is roof with two sloping areas that each are divided into two surfaces and with different angle. Even though it looks like simple, but it is one of the most complicated roofs because it takes time to be assembled as well as to be designed. However, this does not decrease its popularity: because of its unique form – it is possible to effectively use the mansard space. The price from Standard double pitched roof is not very significant, however, the positive result in terms of more space in second floor is obvious. Correctly designed mansard roof will allow to have the mansard space almost the same as the building area below it.





Pyramid roof has many angles and it is mostly four sloping roof that all four surfaces are like triangles and connect in one point. It does not have any horizontal ridges or gables that makes the roof type quite complicated in terms of its construction because its main bearing elements are rafters. Such roofs fit the best on perfect square or equilateral buildings. However, if there is a need, pyramid-type-roof can be designed on any building.




Connecting roofs are when several double pitched roof connect each other. Such type is most often used when the architects want to have a building that has more than two gables. Roofs can connect forming L letter form or X form. Sometimes the roofs also connect sideways.